Oncology Venture rights issue January 2018

Oncology Venture Sweden AB is raising capital to fuel the further development of the company’s pipeline of six cancer drugs.

Some of the main activities the new funds will support are:

  • The early data from the ongoing LiPlaCis® clinical trials, where LiPlaCis® is to treat women with hard-to-treat breast cancer, were better than initially expected. As a result, the LiPlaCis® selection group has expanded to include a larger number of patients.
  • A possible increase in ownership of the tyrosine kinase inhibitor (TKI) from Novartis: Oncology Venture holds the rights to increase the ownership stake of the product from 40% to 75%. The board of Oncology Venture will reserve a portion of the proceeds for the possible execution of this option.
  • In addition, if the currently ongoing DRP® analysis of the biopsy data from the TKI-inhibitor from Novartis is positive, Oncology Venture will also use a portion of the issue allowance to prepare an “end of phase two meeting” with the FDA.

Oncology Venture’s Pipeline

About Oncology Venture

Oncology Venture is a biotech company specializing in developing medicines for personalized cancer treatments. The company’s pipeline is solely made up of drugs previously shown to improve some patients’ lives, but which haven’t yet been brought all the way through the needed approval processes. Oncology Venture holds exclusive rights to use the Drug Response Predictor (DRP®), used in the combination with the drugs, to predict which patients are likely to benefit from treatment with the drugs in the company’s pipeline.

The ambition of Oncology Venture is to bring its pipeline drugs to the market as personalized treatments, so only high-likelihood responders will be treated with them. As such, both the business and drug development model are unlike most other companies within the biotech industry, as this approach is expected to be both highly cost and time efficient.

About the warrants of series Oncology Venture TR

Four warrants, of series Oncology Venture TR, will give the right to buy one new share at the price of 16.30 SEK.

The warrants are traded as Oncology Venture TR on AktieTorget.

If you don’t have access to AktieTorget through your bank or broker, any possible excess warrants may also become available by subscription; please use this form to subscribe:

Teaser and prospectus

Get a brief introduction to the investment case here:

Read the full prospectus here:

FAQ for investors

What is the price of the new shares issued in this share issue?
The new shares are issued to at a fixed price of SEK 16.30 for each new share.

If I purchase warrants (ticker “Oncology Venture TR”), how many shares will I be able to buy?
For every four warrants of the series “Oncology Venture TR”, you own, you are entitled to buy one new share: (your number of warrants)/4 = the number of new shares you can buy.

When will I be able to purchase warrants?
During the period of 11–25 January 2018

Can I sell my warrants?
Yes, in accordance with the size of the demand, they will have the ticker “Oncology Venture TR” on AktieTorget.

I have no warrants, can I buy them?
Yes, in accordance with the size of the supply. They will have the ticker “Oncology Venture TR” on First North.

What is the price of buying “Oncology Venture TR” on AktieTorget?
“Oncology Venture TR” will be freely traded, so supply and demand will determine the price.

When will the temporary shares “Oncology Venture TR” be converted into ordinary shares, traded on AktieTorget?
During February 2018.

Can I sell my BTA’s?
Yes, trading in BTA’s will take place on AktieTorget from the 11 January 2018 until the rights issue is registered at the Swedish Companies Registration Office.

Who can I contact if I have questions?
Oncology Venture CFO Nikolaj Buhl Jensen:
Phone: +45 2678 2520
Email: nbj@oncologyventure.com

Sedermera Fondskommission:
Phone: +46 40 615 14 10
Email: info@sedermera.se

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