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Administering an ineffective oncology product to a cancer patient may be life threatening. An oncology product may cure one patient but maybe worthless or even harm another patient. Many oncology products only benefit a very small fraction of patients and there is no way to identify who will benefit. This forces oncologists to treat many patients in the blind, and if the fraction of benefiters is too low the product will not be used even if such a product may be the best product for certain patients.

“OV has a unique gene-tumor-technology to find out who will respond and who are resistant to a given anticancer drug – by avoiding treating patients who will not respond OV will put the product ahead of the cutting edge in competition. The difference in value between a product that works in 10% of the patients and 50% of patients is >100 fold. Drugs with response rates below 10% are abundant, but often impossible to develop without a key to its use.”

Oncology Venture will utilize the technology and acquire product rights or co-develop with drug owners where OV’s technology can predict efficacy.

Oncology Venture will acquire rights to five products and conduct focused small phase 2 trials in patients selected for high response rates. Within three years OV will sell or out-license the value enhanced drugs and create investor exit.

Oncology Venture’s versatile and broad technology is expected to be a game changer useful for a number of drugs, both marketed and under development.

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Oncology Venture to evaluate Phase 3 product from Novartis

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Oncology Venture and Eisai Forge Exclusive Global License Agreement for Clinical Stage Oncology Drug PARP Inhibitor E7449 / 2X-121

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Successful prediction of Cancer response to LiPlaCis in Breast cancer and other tumors by OV’s DRP

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2X Oncology obtains US IND for 2X-111 a Liposomal doxorubicin

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The efficacy of chemotherapy with epirubicin, one the of most used drugs in Breast Cancer can now be predicted by the DRP

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